Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Goodwill Clock Makeover

Happy Monday!
I secretly hoped this Goodwill clock worked since it was really big and only a couple bucks, but after realizing it wasn't working ( which wasn't shocking ) I still wanted to salvage it in some way. I'll be honest it sat in the guest room for a couple months, haha. I dragged it out today and came up with the idea of using the frame and wrapping burlap on the inner clock panel. It was so easy! I removed the back and the hands on the clock and used my light duty stapler to attach the burlap and a drill to remove the panel and secure it! Think outside the box to use broken pieces in new ways!

         Scared little Bruce from the loud stapler.....

Happy crafting! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spotlight on Celebrity Colorist George Papanikolas

I have several favorite color specialist that inspire me. For instance the queen of color, Beth Minardi.
I also love Tracey Cunningham who is a celebrity colorist and brand ambassador for Redken. So, right now I am loving the work of George Papanikolas. He works with the Kardashian's, Mila Kunis, Miranda Kerr, Daisy Fuentes, and many others celebrities. He is the Balayage master! His work is beautiful and seamless in blending. His work ranges from really natural ombre to more striking fashion forward looks. He also is a Joico spokesperson, which is one of my favorite professional brands! Here is some of his beautiful work.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Balayage

There are several different hair coloring techniques to make a personalized color for your hair and balayage is one of them. It's a creative way of sweeping color ( usually lightener ) free hand with a brush to make beautiful dimensional color. My favorite way to balayage is for ombre coloring because it melts really softly and doesn't give you that line of demarcation. We've all seen it. The scary dark to light color that has hard lines and doesn't melt into the lighter tones..... just thinking about it gives me the willies! Haha.
You don't have to have a certain length to get balayage, but if you are cutting a couple inches you would want to get a haircut first. The art of a good color enhances your haircut. If you have long hair ask for long soft layers so it will compliment your cut. Don't be scared of layers. It actually makes long hair appear longer because the dimension of color brings in depth.

 It takes a skilled hairstylist to be good at making it believable. Usually a toner is used also to help calm down warmth or you could gloss it to more caramel colors for deeper brunettes. Maintenance is usually about every three months since you typically keep a deeper base color. You'll notice its time when your color starts to appear dull. I did balayage today on myself, which is quite normal.
 ( When you are a stylist you usually end up doing your own color...haha. ) Although some of you are brave and talented at diy hair color, I do recommend getting balayage done by a professional so they can customize a gorgeous color just for you!

 Don't I look So excited in my before! ;)  It had some leftover highlights from the last time I did it.


Yayyyyy! Happy coloring!