Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Outdoor Canvas Curtains

This summer I wanted to make canvas curtains after seeing many of them on Pinterest. It was a super easy and a fun day project. You just need to right materials to hang them and you can decorate the canvas cloth curtains anyway you want to! The designs you could create are endless. The great thing is if they get dirty you can wash them in the laundry machine, and I would probably hang them to dry so they don't shrink too much. I bought electrical conduit for the rods and silver hooks from Home Depot to hang them from. I then measured and cut four curtains from 2 packages of tan fabric drop cloth canvas for painting. I wanted to keep it simple so I measured even stripes and spray painted away.....yes spray paint :). I adore spray paint and it's Permanent so I knew it could hold up outside. Michael then screwed the hooks into the wood beams, then placed the silver electrical conduit that was cut to fit the space. The man at Home Depot even cut them to size for me. I saw many different ways to hang the curtains, but this way it was super cheap! The canvas curtains were cut to hang a little long and hemmed on the bottom. These drop cloths are awesome because they come hemmed on the top and sides! Hang them up with the curtain clips and you have a beautifully decorated porch!

This was a first coat :)

Yippee! :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Decorating is Here

   Hello friends! I felt the urge to go through the seasonal decorating drawers and add some fall touches around the house. Even though a chill isn't quite in the air yet, there's something about seeing pumpkin flavors already in stores. Makes me happy! I'll even admit getting my September Southern Living magazine made me squeal. It's time to add some autumn colors and warm up the house with shades of orange, red, and gold!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fall/ Winter Hair Color Trends!

Hey friends! It's been a busy summer and now I am ready for fall! I love fall and one thing I always look forward to is the hair color change as the weather and trends begin to change. This fall it's all about rich, shiny, tonal hair.
 Because you aren't in the sun as much, your skin needs a boost to bring out your skintone during the cooler months. This means deeper tones and warmer colors in brunette's, richer reds with dimension, and blondes with glossy lowlights to bring in depth. Cheers to cooler weather, comfort foods, and beautiful fall hair!

I am honestly not surprised that the illumination and ombre style is here to stay. It can be a gorgeous technique and is more client friendly for someone who waits 3-4 months in between visits. It can be done in various shades of brown and caramels and can be either soft or more of a bold trendy look. The brightly colored ombre look is still fun with shades of purple and blue. Love!

I love when clients want to go red! Most women are scared of reds, but it can be a stunning shade that really brings out eye colors and skintones beautifully. Reds this season are a little more subdued with copper's and violet tones. It's a bit softer and more multidimensional and not as bold and firey. A major point in keeping your red's rich is color safe products, otherwise your red will become dull and that is definitely not cute. Don't be scared to go red! It's gorgeous!

Blondes~ It's time to tone it down ladies! Fall is a great time for lowlights, so adding some definition and subtle richer colors to make your blonde pop is key! Blondes get really dry and dull in the summer months and needs softening and shine. Keep your blonde hair healthy with weekly hair masque to nourish those ends. I always put a serum from the middle down to keep ends from getting dull. Being blonde is more maintenance, but there's just something fun about a great blonde color!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A start in Couponing

I must say I was and still am a bit intimidated about the whole couponing thing. I have been doing a good bit of research and reading up on how to start. I was realizing my grocery bills were higher than usual and with a puppy I can go through a bunch of paper towels. I'm not partial to shopping at one store, so I didn't really keep up with who had the best deals. When you tell someone you want to start couponing they kind of look at you like you might become a crazy person, haha. Well I'm not aiming on becoming crazed but I look forward to a different perspective on buying groceries. Today was my first attempt and I started off slow. I did some research and to start I am going to get groceries and other finds at Publix and Walmart. I did pretty good today. Publix really has some great deals! They run awesome buy one get one free deals on things you actually need. I never noticed the other shoppers with their coupon organizers until today. You aren't alone. Walmart has pretty good deals but you have to realize the best way to get great discounts is basically Only use coupons on items that are already on sale. I didn't realize this is the key. Then you can use multiple coupons on one item. That's how you end up getting things super cheap! At Publix I saved $30 from using coupons and getting specials. Woot!
At Walmart I saved $10! It is really fun. It's almost a challenge. Here are some great informative websites on how to start. Happy Couponing!!




Monday, April 30, 2012

A little bathroom paint update!

I have been wanting to paint my bathroom a while now. It was baby blue, but not a calming light blue at all. I wanted something neutral.... so you guessed it, grey. I went with BEHR gentle rain. It's a great neutral light grey that is really soft and not too saturated. I love it. I also wanted to update my bathroom curtain. I realized having a too long curtain in the bathroom is kind of gross. Haha. I had several pieces of fabric I got a while back of some awesome Dwell patterns. I went with the ikat with the yellow since it matched my Anthropologie shower curtain! It feels so fresh!
Don't judge my cluttered counter :)                    Before:

After! Hooray!

SO much better!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Hair Trends

I always think it's funny how hair magazines show trends and popular color forecast way ahead, but that's just how the fashion world is.So, I wanted to showcase some of this spring/summer's hair looks that I think are great! When warmer weather rolls around it makes you want something fresh and new. Not to mention a new wardrobe... Whether you want a whole new look or some highlights to brighten you up, change can be good.

One huge trend is bright pops of color! You can do it!

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

Yes! the Katniss braid and basically any braiding

The ombre haircoloring trend is still alive but with softer tones Blondes are warmer and buttery with dimensional tones


Reds are bold and bright this season!

Happy Coloring! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcome Frenchton puppy Bruce!

We are thrilled to introduce Mr. Bruce Wayne! His dad is a french bulldog and his mom is a boston terrier. We got him almost a month ago from a sweet frenchton breeder in Alabama. Wow, time flies... He is quite a character to say the least. At first he was shy and now he's a little crazy man. He is growing so fast. He brings Michael and I a ton of joy and plenty of laughs. He makes crazy noises and snorts and snores pretty loud since he has a flat tiny face. If you are looking at a great breed, frenchton's are the way to go!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello February!

Oh the month for Love. Pink's and red's and white's abound. I remember in elementary school when you would exchange small valentines to classmates with your favorite childhood themes. You made sure you gave a sweet one to the boys you had crushes on, haha. Today you could make pretty handmade cards and exchange candy and flowers for loved ones. I think it's a nice way to show appreciation for those you care for. Happy Valentine's everyone!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh I love thee.

Let's be honest... Pinterest has created a monster. You feel like you can't scroll enough and you want to feel inspired daily by new ideas, amazing outfits, beautiful makeup, expensive home decor, and delicious high calorie desserts. Am I right? What can I say, I have a special place in my heart for it.
Here's some of my favorite photo's from 2011. Happy pinning!

Happy New Years!

Gosh, I am excited about this new year! Hello 2012! A new beginning and new memories are ahead and I am thrilled to have a fresh start. I have a great feeling about this year.  2011 was quite the year to say the least. I can honestly say it was filled with many up's and down's and really learning about myself and what I wanted in life. If there's one thing I can say to you is that life is too short to be in an unhappy situation. You have to take a chance on changing what brings you down. You are worth true happiness.

I'm not one to set a list of resolutions, but I think it's good to have some goals you want to achieve through the year. I want to do some traveling and get some thing's done around my home and find ways to be better hairstylist.  I hope this new year brings you excitement and joy.