Friday, February 22, 2013

NYX new product testing :)

I wanted to try out my new NYX products since I have a bridal makeup trial in the morning and I am super pleased with everything I got! The colors are great and even though they are cheaper money wise it doesn't take away from quality. The pigments are great and the coverage is good too.

HD studio foundation in Natural- adore. Great color and while it goes on darker it oxidizes to a flawless smooth finish. It really helps pores be less visible without being cakey.

Concealer ( full coverage ) in Light- great for under eyes and blemishes. Good consistency and it doesn't give that unnatural, "I have heavy concealer under my eyes"... Like a Kardashian ;)

Matte bronzer- great color. Not orange, great for contouring. Because you don't want to contour with a shimmer bronzer or you'll look like shiny face. Ha.

Born to Glow Illuminator in Sunbeam- LOVE. Very close to benefits High Beam but much cheaper. A little goes a long way.

Stay matte but not Flat powder foundation- warm beige. Ok so I do love the consistency, but its a little too dark for me until I have some color, so I need to get a lighter shade. My advice is get it lighter than your normal foundation color.

Loose pearl eyeshadow in Mink and Nude- I love these new colors! Very blendable, great pigment, sparkles but it's not overwhelming.

Makeup setting spray in Matte- looking forward to seeing how long this last. Do not spray it close to your face, it's wet not aerosol. Haha, so hold it arms length away and do a couple spritz. Another pointer, wait until your mascara dries or you'll get raccoon eyes. :)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

New products to try!

I love NYX makeup and I love trying new products! I got some new goodies in the mail today and I can't wait to try them out. I love highlighters so I got their Born to Glow Illuminator. It's a shimmery pink you can use as a highlighter anywhere you want a pop. With wedding makeup you need a great setting spray and they have one for a matte look or for glowy skin. Setting spray is good if you are oily and have trouble with your makeup staying all day. The loose eye shadows are awesome and they are only around three dollars! They are super affordable and have a huge selection. You can buy their products on their site or Ulta carries them too.

NYX makeup

Also I wanted to try some new skin care products so I looked at the Pharmagel line at my local beauty supply. I'm testing out their HydrO2xy-10 moisturizer. I ran out of my Peter Thomas Roth (whose line I love) of the aha/bha gel and wanted to find something comparable. It feels great when you put it on! I hope it's as good or better than my prior gel. It has glycolic acid (aha) and Salicylic acid (bha). This combination works to exfoliate and help with cell renewal which is important for problem skin. It also boast to firm and soften fine lines, which is always a plus!
I'll let you know my review on it.

Pharmagel skincare


Wedding season is upon us!

March will start my wedding hair season and I adore special occasion hair. I wish I would of kept count of all the brides I've had through the years! Hair is such a special part and huge key to your wedding look. From a loose wavy soft look to a structural up-do, the looks are endless. I love having freedom to create a look for every bride. I thought I would show some of my favorites through the years!


Favorite beauty girls!

This week I am sending some love to two of my favorite sites for hair and makeup inspiration, tips, and over all beauty help! I adore these girls and check their websites often for new ideas and fresh beauty looks. Here they are!

Cara is a makeup artist in Utah and has awesome hair styling and fun makeup tips!

Cara's website

Steph is a hair and makeup artist in Utah also! She is my up-do muse. Her work is unbelievable and her special occasion styles are some of the best I've ever seen.

Steph's website

Check them out!


Diy Bridal Sash

I browsed sites for sash ideas to go with my vintage wedding dress and there are tons of beautiful options. Although they have gorgeous ones you can buy, most run $100 to upwards of $300 easily. I decided to give it a try and make one after seeing that it is possible to make one to match and blend with the style of your gown.

From your local craft store you will need a long ribbon ( mine is satin ) to start the base of the sash. I chose grey to go with the ivory color. You can choose a ribbon shade to complement your wedding colors. Can I just say that I LOVE hot glue. I can't even tell you how many glue sticks I've gone through and I have 5 months left to go haha. So, then to soften the ribbon I got a thin piece of lace ribbon to add some depth over the grey ribbon and folded it over the front and glued it onto the back. Here's where you can go as simple or as sparkly as you wish. As a base to create a focal point I glued an appliqué that had a ivory floral pattern. You can purchase all kinds of appliqués online or they have them at fabric stores, because they usually use them on dresses. I loved the look of a fabric flower for some texture and you can get pre-made ones at places like Michael's. Or if you are super crafty make your own! I arranged them and hot glued them. Then to add extra sparkle you can glue little rhinestones around to make it pop! After deciding I wanted it to have a clasp in the back, I had my dear friend cut it to size and sew one clasp to keep it in place. Otherwise you can tie a simple bow and leave the length free to hang down the back of your gown! Good luck and happy crafting!

I can't believe how much a sash can add to your dress. Something about it makes it complete!

Burlap Runners

It's so easy to customize your own burlap runner! I got my different shades of burlap from Joann and cut them in half to make smaller rectangular pieces. All you need is permanent markers and a little creativity. These could work for weddings or your home. The lettering definitely appears better when you go over it several times to be bolder. Have fun!

Sneak peak of some of my Wedding projects!

I'm backkkkkkk

Mercy, that was quite a blog vacation. I don't have an excuse but I am planning a DIY wedding!!!!
I'll try to post my craft projects through the rest of the process. I am having a blast making personal touches to our wedding. Even my dress was a vintage gown and has been completely remade! And bonus, it was TWO dollars. YEAH! Miracle find of the century. I can't wait to post the before and after. There are so many amazing wedding blogs and ideas galore. It's hard to not make everything!
Also I wanted to start doing more beauty advice and hair tutorials. I realized how much I love reading them, so why not make my own! Let's do this!