Monday, November 29, 2010

Thrift Store treasures

 I had some luck today and found a bunch of really good condition glass. I think I have a collecting issue with teacups and saucers, haha. Maybe it's my love of coffee.....
The blue sets are vintage and called the Old town blue set from 1973. The retro green Corelle set is called spring blossom and made in the 1960's.

                             The crazy thing about this set is the cups are Pyrex and the
                              saucers are Corelle! Weird! and I found 8 of the saucers
                              and only two cups, haha.

                              I found these 9 cute glass Corelle cups all over the store. It was
                              like a treaure hunt!
                                               This is a precious saucer from Germany.Ooo.
                                               This is a metal wall picture holder. Cute!
                                                I'm thinking this will be aqua soon..
                                      This glass canister had the ugliest floral stuff in it I've
                                       ever seen! This has endless possibilties now.

                                                      This is a cool light blue metal case
                                                (Don't mind the ugly tile in our guest room)
                                             This metal fireplace screen is in great condition!
                                             And it was 3.99! I'll need to find some candle holders
                                             for those rings.
                                             again I'll probably spray paint it soon :)
               * ALWAYS bleach your thrift store finds and run glass in the dishwasher to
                make sure it's clean!
                  Soooo who wants to know how much all of this was?!?!
                    $14.00!!! awesome!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

First of all, I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week! Yikes! I haven't written much on this blog mostly because I haven't figured out what to write about. I must say, I may not always use proper english and correct commas so sorry about that :) 
I guess I'll start it off about my job. I love being a hairstylist. It amazes me to see transformations day after day and it never gets old. I would probably go crazy behind a desk and not having an artistic outlet. I love to see what today's trends are for hair and fashion to keep things fresh. I think you could get easy burnt out in this business if you didn't. I have some of the coolest clients. They range from ages 3 to 60's. I love that I have an array of ages and styles to work with. I would say I love hair color the best. The possibilities are endless and it's ability to alter someones whole image and even the way they feel about themselves, its like an instant boost of happiness! I hope you love your job. Life's too short to be unhappy about your day to day work. 
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

The many uses of Hutches

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creative Thanksgiving Table settings

 One of these years I'll hopefully get to host a Thanksgiving meal in a beautiful new home. Hey, a girl can dream..... :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mary Samsonite

Sorry, its hard not to think of dumb and dumber when you see a samsonite :) I found this lovely vintage blue Royal Traveller suitcase at Goodwill for a couple of dollars and I found some online for $50! Sweet! It's in great condition and super cute.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some of my favorite make-up and Beauty products 

This blackberry soap is SOO amazing! Thanks to my dear friend Kristen for introducing me to it! You can buy a single bar of it. It makes your skin so soft! 
-Wild Blackberry: vine-picked berries, entwined with green leaves, white musk & vanilla
 It's important to add a scrub to exfoliate your face in your regimen to make your complexion more vibrant and to buff off dead skin cells. I love this one and it smells lovely!
I love this palette. It's packed with pigment and would be beautiful on any eye color.
I swear this makes your eyelashes grow!

This set is a great value, and high beam and moon beam are awesome highlighters.
I love benefit lip gloss, and it taste yummy! 
Their blushes are awesome also- sugarbomb is my favorite
I love this blonde eyebrow powder. It's much more natural than pencils.
I love the bare naturale mineral foundation. It's great for sensitive skin and it stays put and covers really well. I use the translucent powder on top to set my makeup.

This year I switched to Redken and and I really like it! They have a great selection of shampoo's and conditioners. 
Kenra 25- This is the best hairspray. I use it for weddings and everyday use. 

Elf makeup is super super cheap but great. I love the liquid eyeliner and bronzer set.
Seriously most of their products are $1. You can order it or they have it at Target.