Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elf Baked Eyeshadow Review

I love makeup, A LOT. I could spend all my money on products. Trust me... especially after you go into an Ulta or Sephora you could get crazy eyes. And in my case the beauty supply too.

I love trying new products. Today I used the new ELF baked eyeshadows in Pixie and Burnt Plum. These colors are awesome together! I definitely recommend using an eyeshadow primer so the color will have more pigment. But I was surprised if you use a dense eyeshadow brush the colors are really nice. Warm copper colors look great on everyone, but especially blue and green eyes. The warmer tones are fall worthy and are much softer than a dark smokey eye. Give them a try, they are only $3 each which is awesome!

Much love! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Diy Monday- rustoleum countertop paint project!

After seeing various blogs about trials and errors with this product, I decided to give it a try. It looked easy enough and I actually like paint projects so it didn't scare me! So day 1 was prepping and the first coat. I am really hoping I only have to do one coat since the laminate was a light blue. I assume if your countertop is dark it may take two. Which would be super stinky, no pun intended. I purchased the countertop paint from Home Depot and they can tint it to 16 lovely shades. I went with Cobblestone which is a neutral grey/beige.

Must haves-

-Fine grit sanding block to lightly smooth the laminate

-small smooth roller ( kitchen and bathroom size )

- small plastic paint tray

- small foam brush for corners and sides

- breathing mask. Ok this is optional, but it smells STRONG. Like an epoxy paint smell.

- frog tape for taping around sink and fixtures

- Rustoleum countertop coating of choice. It's around 20 bucks... Not bad considering you don't have to replace the whole countertop.

Follow the directions just as it says and you should have a lovely more modern looking countertop!

The only down side is it has to dry for 72 hours. Aack. I closed the door and opened the window and put a fan on for some circulation. Don't leave the door open or your bedroom will smell like paint fumes.

I' ll let you know how it turns out! It already looks so much better! That baby blue flecked laminate was killing me!

Good luck! :)

Oooooo honey. That is ugly. 

Mom. That stinks!

Much better!!!!!!
I really love the color and its drying great! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blog loving

I am currently loving a blog I found through Pinterest.... Of course... Ha. Virginia of has beautiful paint colors and re-do's of thrifted furniture! And I can't wait to try this grout paint she loves in my kitchen and sunroom that makes miracles happen. Seriously, check out the pictures. Hooray for lovely inspirational blogs that focus on loving old pieces to make them current and just as stunning as expensive pieces!

Much love!
Look at all these lovely pieces she did!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brunette Eye Candy

I'm having a hair envy moment with Sarah Jessica Parker. After searching for some new brunette color ideas, I kept seeing her hair pop up. I mean, let's all admit it. Her hair is crazy cool. It has this effortless way about it. Especially when it's that half curly half crazy thing going on. The browns melt into the prettiest shades of warm blondes. I LOVE it. It super shiny on top of that. I wish I could watch her colorist and see what method he uses on her. I would assume it's more of a balayage coloring, which is more free hand work so its not as striped and gives it that melting effect.
Check these beauty's out! 

- Jen

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wedding details

The small details really help make your wedding have personality. I know you think no one will notice, but trust me they will. It makes the wedding as a whole really come together. There's a huge difference between hand made decorations and store bought ones. I'm not saying you can't integrate store made decor, but there's a joy to seeing your hard work on your big day!

Here's some shots I got from our wonderful photographer Jenna Wolzcyk!