Monday, January 31, 2011

Went "junkin" with my mom :)

My family has a history of antiquing and junkin with I think is just awesome. My mom used to go along with her mom and dad and brother in a truck and search high and low for treasures. Pretty much like the show American Pickers. My Grandfather had that hobby and was able to turn it into a successful business! All of the antiques and finds are on display at our families place, Casey Jones village in Jackson, Tn. Check it out! . He found some of the coolest things! It's in the genes!
                                                   Great pillow cover from Michaels, $3!
                                                                   Cute Brown basket
This is a Huge wrapping of Jute for only $2 for reinforcing chairs 
Before of wooden stand

Before of wooden medallion 
Oh dear, these were ugly! $4 for both
Yay! Super cute wooden shelves!
                                                              Before - metal candle holder
Huge framed chalkboard
Super cute purse
I got all of the above for less than $20!

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