Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Girl LOVES a discount.

Thanks to my precious friend Kristen, I got some killer deals today! WHOOP!!! Here's the sweet rundown and pretties I got from Urban Outfitters!
                                            This awesome nail set was $16.00- got it for $2.99

                                                    Black suede wedges- were $68- for $11!
                                                 Leather lace up Boots- were $68- for $23
                                                      Grey Birds shirt-was $42- for $8.99

                                                        Maxi dress- was $49- for $29

                                                         Bucket hat- was $24- for $14
                                                 Lacey shirt- was $39- for $23
                                                    Great tan trench- was $89- for $ 11!!

                                        I can't wait to wear my new things to the beach!!

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