Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall/ Winter haircolor trends

I thought I would change it up and add a hair topic showing the upcoming season's haircolor trends!
Tracey Cunningham is a celebrity colorist and also uses Redken haircolor which is my favorite. I always follow her lead on what's new and upcoming and love her color work on Hollywood's top actresses. So here they are!

For Brunettes~ This season's look is still a variation of the ombre effect, which has been huge this past year. It was more dramatic and now it's a little more subtle this season and more of an "illumination"from a deeper base color to lighter ends. I Love this look!

For Redheads~ This season's red is an in between strawberry blonde red and a ginger red with tons of shine. It's perfect for after summer to add some warmth back to the hair.

For Blondes~ This fall blondes are going really light with keeping some dimensional lowlights of wheat and beige darker blonde. It has the multi-tonal effect of a couple different blonde tones so it doesn't look flat. Against the lighter pale highlights you'll need a light basecolor to keep it looking natural.

Happy Coloring! ...... By a professional ofcourse ;)

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