Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Outdoor Canvas Curtains

This summer I wanted to make canvas curtains after seeing many of them on Pinterest. It was a super easy and a fun day project. You just need to right materials to hang them and you can decorate the canvas cloth curtains anyway you want to! The designs you could create are endless. The great thing is if they get dirty you can wash them in the laundry machine, and I would probably hang them to dry so they don't shrink too much. I bought electrical conduit for the rods and silver hooks from Home Depot to hang them from. I then measured and cut four curtains from 2 packages of tan fabric drop cloth canvas for painting. I wanted to keep it simple so I measured even stripes and spray painted away.....yes spray paint :). I adore spray paint and it's Permanent so I knew it could hold up outside. Michael then screwed the hooks into the wood beams, then placed the silver electrical conduit that was cut to fit the space. The man at Home Depot even cut them to size for me. I saw many different ways to hang the curtains, but this way it was super cheap! The canvas curtains were cut to hang a little long and hemmed on the bottom. These drop cloths are awesome because they come hemmed on the top and sides! Hang them up with the curtain clips and you have a beautifully decorated porch!

This was a first coat :)

Yippee! :)

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