Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fall/ Winter Hair Color Trends!

Hey friends! It's been a busy summer and now I am ready for fall! I love fall and one thing I always look forward to is the hair color change as the weather and trends begin to change. This fall it's all about rich, shiny, tonal hair.
 Because you aren't in the sun as much, your skin needs a boost to bring out your skintone during the cooler months. This means deeper tones and warmer colors in brunette's, richer reds with dimension, and blondes with glossy lowlights to bring in depth. Cheers to cooler weather, comfort foods, and beautiful fall hair!

I am honestly not surprised that the illumination and ombre style is here to stay. It can be a gorgeous technique and is more client friendly for someone who waits 3-4 months in between visits. It can be done in various shades of brown and caramels and can be either soft or more of a bold trendy look. The brightly colored ombre look is still fun with shades of purple and blue. Love!

I love when clients want to go red! Most women are scared of reds, but it can be a stunning shade that really brings out eye colors and skintones beautifully. Reds this season are a little more subdued with copper's and violet tones. It's a bit softer and more multidimensional and not as bold and firey. A major point in keeping your red's rich is color safe products, otherwise your red will become dull and that is definitely not cute. Don't be scared to go red! It's gorgeous!

Blondes~ It's time to tone it down ladies! Fall is a great time for lowlights, so adding some definition and subtle richer colors to make your blonde pop is key! Blondes get really dry and dull in the summer months and needs softening and shine. Keep your blonde hair healthy with weekly hair masque to nourish those ends. I always put a serum from the middle down to keep ends from getting dull. Being blonde is more maintenance, but there's just something fun about a great blonde color!

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