Friday, January 3, 2014

The importance of good eyebrows

Tip: to sharpen your eyebrows line concealer under your brow and blend!

Great eyebrows really complete your face. I don't think women realize what great eyebrows can do for their entire look. They should be maintained by either tweezing or waxing and if you want to change the color, your hairstylist can color them for you. Don't try to color them yourself, have a professional match them. I have been mostly brunette the past couple of years and since my eyebrows are blonde, I color them to match my base color. Otherwise they would disappear. For daily maintenance I love to fill them in with a matte shadow or eyebrow pencil.

Jessica Lowndes has a pretty soft angled eyebrow

Here's some of my favorite eyebrow products!

NYX eyebrow cake powder-

NYX eyebrow pencil

Megan Fox has the Best eyebrows! 

Thin eyebrows are out, thicken your eyebrows up and fill them in! :) 

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