Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vintage dresser Makeover

I have said countless times I was going to get around to painting this beautiful dresser that my Great Aunt Weise gifted to me when she past away years ago. My grandmother and her were inseparable. Both being widows for many years, they did a lot together and were best friends. I love that it has a story. She used it in her bedroom since it was a set with a matching bed frame and tall dresser. 
 There's something sweet about family pieces. 
It appears whiter in pictures but with age it took on a yellow cast. I had planned to paint it grey, 
of course. I wanted to keep it on the simple side so I kept the original hardware.
She's a beauty! 

I have used it the last several years in my dining room to hold glassware and napkins.

This was phase one: I did a mix of two Americana Decor chalk paints! I used Heirloom ( beige ) and Carbon ( black ) to make a cool greige.

1st coat-

I wasn't liking how it was looking splotchy, so I made a new mix and touched it up to even it out.

Drying...looking better! 


Yipee! I sealed the top with the clear wax, its super easy to use and makes it protected from wear.

Happy chalk painting! 

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