Monday, November 29, 2010

Thrift Store treasures

 I had some luck today and found a bunch of really good condition glass. I think I have a collecting issue with teacups and saucers, haha. Maybe it's my love of coffee.....
The blue sets are vintage and called the Old town blue set from 1973. The retro green Corelle set is called spring blossom and made in the 1960's.

                             The crazy thing about this set is the cups are Pyrex and the
                              saucers are Corelle! Weird! and I found 8 of the saucers
                              and only two cups, haha.

                              I found these 9 cute glass Corelle cups all over the store. It was
                              like a treaure hunt!
                                               This is a precious saucer from Germany.Ooo.
                                               This is a metal wall picture holder. Cute!
                                                I'm thinking this will be aqua soon..
                                      This glass canister had the ugliest floral stuff in it I've
                                       ever seen! This has endless possibilties now.

                                                      This is a cool light blue metal case
                                                (Don't mind the ugly tile in our guest room)
                                             This metal fireplace screen is in great condition!
                                             And it was 3.99! I'll need to find some candle holders
                                             for those rings.
                                             again I'll probably spray paint it soon :)
               * ALWAYS bleach your thrift store finds and run glass in the dishwasher to
                make sure it's clean!
                  Soooo who wants to know how much all of this was?!?!
                    $14.00!!! awesome!!!


  1. Now that's what I call thrifty treasures. What incredible finds! Bravo!

  2. um. ok seriously ... where did you find this stuff???? you know how i feel about pyrex!!

  3. haha ofcourse I do! Thats why I'm giving that cup set to you!!( but I found them at Goodwill) :)