Thursday, February 21, 2013

Diy Bridal Sash

I browsed sites for sash ideas to go with my vintage wedding dress and there are tons of beautiful options. Although they have gorgeous ones you can buy, most run $100 to upwards of $300 easily. I decided to give it a try and make one after seeing that it is possible to make one to match and blend with the style of your gown.

From your local craft store you will need a long ribbon ( mine is satin ) to start the base of the sash. I chose grey to go with the ivory color. You can choose a ribbon shade to complement your wedding colors. Can I just say that I LOVE hot glue. I can't even tell you how many glue sticks I've gone through and I have 5 months left to go haha. So, then to soften the ribbon I got a thin piece of lace ribbon to add some depth over the grey ribbon and folded it over the front and glued it onto the back. Here's where you can go as simple or as sparkly as you wish. As a base to create a focal point I glued an appliqué that had a ivory floral pattern. You can purchase all kinds of appliqués online or they have them at fabric stores, because they usually use them on dresses. I loved the look of a fabric flower for some texture and you can get pre-made ones at places like Michael's. Or if you are super crafty make your own! I arranged them and hot glued them. Then to add extra sparkle you can glue little rhinestones around to make it pop! After deciding I wanted it to have a clasp in the back, I had my dear friend cut it to size and sew one clasp to keep it in place. Otherwise you can tie a simple bow and leave the length free to hang down the back of your gown! Good luck and happy crafting!

I can't believe how much a sash can add to your dress. Something about it makes it complete!

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