Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Wedding whirlwind has passed, now what?

Our wedding day was beautiful. From the sweet, light hearted ceremony to the dance off at the reception. It was perfect. All the countless hours of crafting makes every detail pay off. Literally every possible thing you can make, I joyfully crafted until my hearts content. It was such a surreal sight to see it all come together with the hard work of family and friends. I wanted to share things with you I made along the way. Obviously I tried to save us money by making everything, but you definitely have to cut yourself off or you'll go broke going to hobby lobby and michael's. Haha.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. To be honest I probably should of had some girls nights with my friends to help put together a bunch of stuff. It's easy to say,"Oh I'm good" and not bother calling people for help, but your wedding is something the people around you want to be a part of. People will come out of the wood work to help you. Take it. The day of the wedding the help we had was unbelievable. It really makes you feel special to see the family and friends come together to help put together your dream day.

It's a weird feeling. You are kind of glad it's all over, but sad too because you spent so many hours planning and anticipating the Big day. It's really like a part time job. Sure you will have a few decorating regrets after you get back on Pinterest, but hey... it's ok. :)

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