Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow! What a year. It sure has been an eventful one! Our wedding was in June and it turned out beautifully. I married my other half and my best friend. The planning pushed my creative side to the max to say the least. I had some beautiful brides this past year to make glamorous for their special day. It's a special job to make a bride feel their best and to know you have such a big part of the day is really rewarding. I feel like I got out of the box this year with creative coloring. It's not a world of getting a million foils anymore, which I am thankful for. Haha. And lastly, I was proud of stepping out of my "fear box" and joined the choir at my church. It's been a long time coming. I grew up singing and I had pretty much put it aside when my life was in a direction that my confidence was low. I'm glad I can start singing again and help be a part of an awesome worship team.

I hope 2014 is full of awesome beginnings for you and that you can discover that you are given talents for special reasons. I hope you find that some of the best rewards are free, and to love your family and friends fully because they are a blessing to you even when they aren't perfect. Know that you are worth it and you deserve to be happy, everyday, for your whole life.

To the best year yet.
   -  Jen

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