Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A year of Thrifty Makeovers to catch up on!

This giant jewel of a frame was a whopping 14 Bucks! My eyes had stars in them. Goodwill, you really are my favorite. ( other than my husband, of course. )

I wanted to make it into a giant chalkboard, so I went to Home depot and got two thin pieces of wooden board and glued them together and screwed them into the frame. I painted it with Americana Decor chalk paint and sanded the edges to make it look aged. Lastly I painted the wood with chalkboard paint!

 You can see a slight line where it's glued, but I honestly didn't mind it!
Huge chalkboards can be really expensive so this is a great way to make one yourself!


 This is a wicker chest I found at a local Thriftsmart for a couple bucks and even though the wicker was beat up, it was a stable wooden chest. Let me tell you, that type of thick shell was a Beast to remove...aka I may run the next time I see it. It's tough to pull off ( I even sliced my palm on it ) HA. So after I was done whining from removing it, I used a layer of quilting batting and then upholstered it with a fabric shower curtain I got at Goodwill. All you need is a staple gun and some creativity! You can do it! Have a great week!


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