Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clip in Extensions, yes please.

Everyone knows getting extensions can be pretty expensive. If a salon does them for cheap, Run. I say this because this is one area you don't want to go cheap on. Poorly done professional extensions can even make your hair fall out when done improperly. Whether it's fusion or micro link a reputable salon will charge normally around $700-1,000 + for the installation and hair used. Tape in extensions are great and usually more affordable, but they don't last as long. (Usually 6 weeks.) It takes hours to install extensions and requires high maintenance care to keep them healthy. Usually you get them tightened or reinstalled every 3 months. For some this is their beauty splurge and can afford the upkeep of extensions, which there is nothing wrong with that! But if you want some temporary added length and don't have the budget, clip in's are a girls best friend. They are awesome for special occasions, but if you would want to wear them daily you would need to shampoo them often and style them to keep them in good shape. They are very affordable and with good care will last years. You can find great clip in's with many different shades for $100-$300. Sally's even has good clip in's for getting started. There are some great ones even on Etsy. A lot of youtube beauty guru's rave about Bellami extensions. I haven't ever seen them in person, but they appear to be good quality hair.

The Most important thing is to make sure they are human hair extensions and can be heat styled and even colored to perfectly match your color. These will last much longer and you can style them just like your natural hair. The ones with a mix of Synthetic hair will melt immediately with heat and look unnatural with an almost too shiny effect. You can even take them along with you if you want your stylist to layer your clip in's to blend in better with your cut. I had made some extensions in the past so getting a large weft of hair to cut down and sew didn't scare me, but most likely you'll want the ones with clips already sewn to the hair. I bought mine from Sally's and made them last night just for fun! I can't wait to try them out. I colored them ombre to better match my color and they turned out pretty cool! Most importantly just have fun and try new looks for a temporary beautiful change!

P.S. These do not come with clips- virgin Remy human hair extensions 24"

With the hand sewn extension clips installed

After with the ombre coloring done!

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