Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall smokey Eye

Every woman needs to try a smokey eye once in her life! It can seem a little on the heavy side, so you can always do browns and coppers instead of black to soften the look. It's really stayed popular and has become more of a natural look than, "I'm going to the club any minute" look. It's fun to change it up! I never wear the same eye makeup everyday. Change up your color pallete and keep it fresh.

I would say always go back and reapply your eyeliner to really ground the look. Whether you use brown or black a liquid liner will set off your smokey eye. Have fun!

I used Virgin from the Urban Decay NAKED palette on the entire lid, and then packed on creep in the outer corners and blend it into your crease really well. I then pressed NYX walnut onto the lid to warm up the deep brown. Then I lined with Elf waterproof liquid liner and Revlon grow luscious mascara! 

NYX Walnut 

I should of curled my lashes ;) 

Have a great day! 

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