Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Highlighting and Contouring

Hello Lovelies! I thought I would post something about makeup that I LOVE to do. A lot of professionals rely on highlighting and contouring to make Hollywood faces look their best. The dark areas create depth and the highlighting "pulls" those areas forward. You want to accent the places you want brighter and darken the areas you want to minimize or sculpt. I think this artistic side of makeup  has become more popular for the everyday woman. It can be a soft or strong look depending on what intensity you are wanting to achieve. For some it may be heavier than their everyday look, but I can't go without a good bronzer year round! Bronzer lovers unite!

One famous face that adores a heavy contour/highlight is Kim K. That girl loves bright under eye concealer! While sometimes it's a little heavy, she pulls it off!

My favorite bronzer to contour with: NYX matte bronzer in Light or Medium
Make sure it's Matte, ones with sparkles will just look like a giant sparkle in photos. :)

My favorite highlighting concealer: Dream Lumi touch in ivory and MagicLumi in Light

Also here's some beauties that have some great H/C information:



Here's an example of where to highlight and where to contour!
P.s. - I look like I have a beard :)


Making a triangle shape under your eyes helps cover dark circles and opens up your face 

These are the areas you contour with darker foundation or matte bronzer

The most important thing is to make it believable and blend, blend, blend! You don't want any harsh lines. 
The brushes you use are super important too and make it easy to do it quickly.

Kim's is a strong H/C while mine is a softer version 

 This is a great example of where to highlight and where to darken.

Have fun lovelies! 

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